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We are Willekulla

Willekulla sell Scandinavian Countryside home décor and interior design from famous and unknown Swedish and Danish brands. Our shop is based in Wilmersdorf in Berlin and we sell products all over Germany through our online store.

Our Team

  • Kim Hartman Willekulla



    Idea guy. Responsible for marketing, webshop and lifting really heavy stuff.
  • lina-team



    Born in a home décor shop. Knows everything about our products and the color white.
  • vilde-team-willekulla



    Natural born troublemaker. Helps the team to stay on their toes when needed.

  • teah-team-willekulla



    Bilingual customer rep that loves to help people. Strong personality.

Our Mission

I have always been intrigued by the raw and genuine. The untouched and simple. Willekulla is a collection of all the things that I would put in my own home. No exceptions. Everything follows a red thread.

I see a home as a myriad of exchangeable building blocks. Every object has to hook into the other ones visually and functionally. And that’s what I’m trying to accomplish at Willekulla.

I want to provide my customers with the right building blocks for them to design their own dream home. A place that’s customized for their needs, wants and dreams.

Our Story

The embryo of Willekulla was born on the Swedish countryside in 2015. My house from 1839 was finally done, renovated into perfection. A big emptiness started to bubble in my stomach. Now what? I had spent six years of my life building and customizing this house. I needed a new challenge.

In 2016 I was sure that Berlin was the right place to continue my journey. I started developing the concept for the shop, packed my bag and went on the biggest adventure of my live.

In November 2017 I opened the doors to Willekulla in Wilmersdorf, Berlin. Three months later I launched the online shop, enabling me to provide the whole of Germany with objects, smells and feelings from the Scandinavian countryside.

Our Name

The name “Willekulla” comes from Pippi Longstockings house that is called “Villekulla” in Swedish. Pippi is a strong, independent girl that likes to do things her own way, just like me. And since we come from the same area, the name felt as a perfect symbol for what we stand for and want to represent.

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